Survival Kit - Signiture Series

Survival Kit – Signiture Series

Smokers Survival Kit – Signature Series

Chris Hill’s Patented Smokers Survival Kit

“The Coolest Thing to Happen to Smoking since the Lighter™”, And That’s Pretty Cool.

  • Improved Top, Now with the EASY-POP Lid! It stays closed until you want it to open.
  • Watertight, Your Smokeables Stay DRY
  • Compact, slides right into a watch pocket
  • Durable, Strong ABS Body
  • Stores up 5-7 grams!
  • Holds Most 1 1/4 Papers
  • NEW: Now you can have YOUR logo on them! It’s a great promotional item with a low MOQ

The Survival Kit is perfect for Smokers on the Go! You can use the enclosed 3-drag reusable cigarette when you are in a hurry or somewhere smoking is frowned upon or you can pull out the enclosed papers and roll a cigarette. It is water proof (storage area only) and even floats! It also features an L-shaped poker that is the perfect cleaning rod for the Reusable Cigarette or to dig out impacted smokeables. The poker makes it! It Holds 5-7 grams and is made in a variety of colors, but black is the best-seller by far. The Smokers Survival Kit is ideal for campers, boaters, private airplane passengers, when you’re working out, hikers, partying, people quitting smoking or doing anything where you want to roll one or just have a few puffs. Thousands and thousands of medical marijuana patients cherish it. Try it. We are sure you’ll love it too!

Price: $19.95