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Use the reusable cigarette for a few drags when you don't have time for a whole cigarette & use the free papers for when you do!

Flip Top - Watertight
Compact - Durable

Holds Tobacco, Reusable Cigarette,
Custom Cigarette Poker & 1 1/4 Size Papers.
Variety of Colors. Ships Assorted.




Colors - Add Quantity at Checkout

Survival Kit

Holds Tobacco, Reusable
Cigarette, Custom Poker &
Single OR 1 1/2 Size
Papers. Indestructible



Colors - add quantity at checkout.

Reusable Cigarette

Lightweight yet Strong & the
Perfect Size. For
when you don't
have time for a
whole cigarette






Smokers Survival Kit | Chris Hill Signature Series Survival Kit | Reusable Cigarette

The Classic Smokers Survival kit was first introduced in 1994. It has become a popular piece of hardware for many smokers around the world. It Holds Tobacco, A Reusable Cigarette, a Custom Cigarette Poker & 1 1/4 Size Papers. Almost 20 years later we are proud to introduce the "Chris Hill Signature Series Smokers Survival Kit". With an updated look, a new watertight flip top for tobacco safety and a more durable compact size, this new smokers survival kit will be even more popular than our classic model. The reusable cigarette is great for smokers who do not have time for a whole cigarette and need only a drag to pull them through. The free rolling papers are stored conveniently for those times when you want to enjoy a whole cigarette. Call us for more details.

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