Let’s All Go Green

GO GREEN! At Atlas Custom Rolling Papers we strive to be green by using only:  Natural Paper, Gum Arabic from the Acacia tree, Renewable Resources, and always working to minimize our environmental impact is what we do.We are constantly trying to improve as well.Creating a better life and planet for all of us is our goalThere are many good reasons to greenify your company.The most important is so we can preserve this planet’s resources for the pending alien invasion (lol, just making sure you’re paying attention!).Protecting Earth’s natural resources is the responsibility of all of us at work and at home.Other great reasons to greenify:1. It sets a great example for employees and customers, which boosts morale and brand loyalty 2. Customers love it and are happy we are making the efforts necessary to make Earth a better place3. It makes the workplace cleaner and healthier4. It can improve efficiency and lower long-term costsBetter Medicine, Better Life, Better Earth!