Atlas American Custom Rolling Papers

Custom Branded Rolling Papers for Marketing and Promotions
"The Highest Quality Papers in the World™"

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Atlas Custom Branded Rolling Papers

Atlas American Custom Rolling Papers


Making Custom Rolling Papers and Survival Kits is all that we do. At Atlas we focus on three things: Customer Service, Product Quality, and Fast Shipping. We aren't the biggest and best because we were the first. We're first because we're the best. Let us show you how we can launch your brand into outer space!


We make it very easy to order and get art made for free. Pricing includes Everything, from Design-to-Delivery, including any features, size or option:

  • 1-1/4 (44mm x 79mm) or King-Size (44mm x 107mm)
  • Gloss or Holographic Booklets
  • Embossed or Not
  • FREE Fedex AIR Shipping when ready
  • All Graphic Design Work Included


Standard Price: $1.50 per Booklet

  • Buy 1000 for $1.25 each On Sale!
  • Buy 2,000 for $0.90 each & Save 40%
  • Buy 5,000 for $0.60 each & Save 60% *5,000 FREE Lighter Sized Stickers Bonus
  • Buy 10,000 & get a FREE Custom Box and 10,000 Stickers!
  • Buy 25,000 or more & get 1,000 Posters, 25 Stickers, & Custom Box for FREE
  • Please Email or Call so We Can Get You What You Want and Need


  • Giving someone a pack of papers is like handing them a $20 bill. People get extremely excited.
  • Premium Lightweight Medical Quality Paper
  • Pricing includes Everything, from Design-to-Delivery, including any features, size or option
  • 25 Booklets per box, not 24
  • No Middleman, We Control Production
  • Sell only 20-25% and they pay for themselves!
  • The greatest promotional item since Wrigley gave a piece of gum to everyone in the U.S. phone book


Store? Increase Foot Traffic Massively by Giving a Pack to Everyone Who Walks in.

Band? Fans Love it & Most Bands Sell Papers for $5-$10 per Pack!

Legal Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Dispensary? Call us. Our papers were designed with mmj patients in mind.Custom Heavy-Duty Rolling