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Atlas Pacific Manufacturing was founded by Chris Hill to create the Highest Quality Rolling Papers in the World; primarily by using strong yet lightweight renewable resources and gum. Atlas Pacific focuses on the production of Custom Cigarette Papers and Custom Rolling Machines, Chris Hill’s patented Smokers Survival Kit, and our,flagship brands: CRIS Island Size, CHRIS HILL Signature Series and Nine Drags Imperial Rolling Papers; which were introduced in 2009 to rave reviews (www.RyoMagazine.com ).


We are here to promote your business, and our Custom Rolling Paper & Roller program does just that; from holographic and embossed papers, Free graphic design services (from concept to design to layout), to 5,000 Free stickers, and absolutely no extra charges for set-up, shipping. Just tell us your idea and see your very own brand of Custom Rolling Papers by Atlas Pacific arrive on your doorstep. It’s that easy!


Chris Hill™ Brand is our Signature and Flagship Brand. First introduced during the dawn of the new millenium, these truly premium papers receive fantastic reviews because they are taste-neutral, ultralight, and consistently win burn tests; leaving only the slightest ash, while burning evenly. Unlike some other papers they are naturally slow-burning and do not contain burning salts.

The paper is Unbleached, Made only with Renewable Resources, only Natural Gum Arabic is applied, and they have never and will never use gumming made from animal by-products.

“If you’re a friend in need, then CHRIS HILL is a friend indeed”.

Available in both King Size Slim and 1 1/4.


Originally invented in the ’90’s for smokers who don’t have time for a whole cigarette and also for when smokers have time to roll and enjoy a hand-rolled cigarette. It is perfect for several drags or puffs when it’s too cold to stand and smoke outside, when you’re in a hurry, It is also ideal, and originally thought of, for smokers who want to control or decrease their tobacco consumption. It would have been perfect for use on airplanes as there is no or very limited second-hand smoke, but that idea was regulated out of existence by near global smoking bans on airplanes. The Smokers Survival Kit is a plastic box that holds 5-7 grams of tobacco, a poker or cleaning tool, a space age Reusable Cigarette, and a storage compartment for our Nine Drags, CRIS, or CHRIS HILL rolling papers as well as all major brands of 1 ¼ size rolling papers.

The Smokers Survival Kit features a flip-top lid, is water resistant, and floats. The Survival Kit comes in assorted colors with the most popular one being black. The Kit was invented and patented by Chris Hill in 1996. The Classic is indestructible; you can actually run it over with your car!

It is the perfect way to smoke on the go, reduce your smoking, and to smoke when you don’t have time for a whole cigarette or for when you do (with the enclosed papers).

CRIS Rolling Papers and Cigarette Machines

CRIS Island Size and 1 1/4 size papers were inspired by the beautiful island of Jamaica and her people. These and Nine Drags incorporate the highest-quality paper available to us in the World. Booklets have different inspirational quotes on the bottom from the teachings in Genesis to the words of the musical prophet: Bob Marley.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse rolling papers by Chris Hill have finally arrived. Prepare yourself for the coming Post-Apocalyptic Smoking Environment.
These premium rolling papers are medical quality and available only online.

Dawn of the Dead; try the Highest Quality Papers In The World, for the living.

Learn more at the official U.S. Government Zombie Preparedness website: www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm